South Loop

  • Sportsman Business Park (Coppertop)- distillery, brewery, winery, cafe
  • Bainbridge Gardens nursery & garden center
  • The Grand Forest
  • Battle Point Park with Kids’ Up Playground
  • Island Center
  • Lynwood Center / Pleasant Beach Village
  • Fort Ward Park
  • Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial
  • Downtown Winslow Marina District
  • Downtown Winslow Way

The South Loop of the Froghopper starts at the Bainbridge ferry terminal and goes north up State Highway 305 to Madison Avenue North and New Brooklyn Road. A short while later it reaches Sportsman Business Park, known locally as “Coppertop”, for a stop to check out Bainbridge Organic Distillery, Bainbridge Island Brewing, Fletcher Bay Winery and Metro Market Cafe.

The bus proceeds along Sportsman Club Road and High School Road with a brief photo op at the “hobbit house”. Reaching Miller Road, it heads north with stops at Bainbridge Gardens, the Grand Forest and finally reaching Battle Point Park.

Then it returns to Island Center and heads south to the Lynwood Center neighborhood, the island’s fastest growing neighborhood service center, with restaurants, shops, the 1939 Lynwood Movie Theatre, an event venue and other businesses.

Just past Lynwood is a stop for those who want to walk or bike to Fort Ward. It’s about a half mile to the north entrance of the lower park, with boat ramp, restrooms and quarter mile paved trail along the shore of Rich Passage.

The bus then meanders through the rural roads of the Eagledale area until it reaches the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial and Pritchard Park.

From there, it returns to Winslow, taking Grow Avenue to the Marina District, where you can enjoy a stroll or meal along the Eagle Harbor waterfront, stay on and ride up to Winslow Way and explore “Main Street”,or return directly to the terminal.