The 2021 Grand Old 4th – A Pandemic Edition Photo Recap

On Sunday July the 4th, 2021, the day began grey, but turned gradually sunnier, much like the year itself.

In the Grand Old 4th’s Pandemic Edition, friends were reunited, spontaneous fully-vaccinated hugs and high-fives ensued, and smiles (and sometimes candy) were shared. The fun runs, parades, and picnics may have been non-traditional, but they happened, and that felt like (and was) the most important thing.

Many thanks to all those who came out this weekend – We were together again, in celebration, as a community. A community that is already looking forward to packing into Winslow as we have traditionally done again next year for a non-pandemic Grand Old 4th 2022 back in the heart of a Celebrate Bainbridge week of festivities.

Until then, let’s take a look back at some magic moments from The 2021 Grand Old 4th’s BYS Fun Run, Classic Car Cruise Parade and Picnic in the Parks:



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Bainbridge Island Grand Old 4th 2021 Classic Car Cruise Parade



Grand Old Photo Credits: Emma Hall, Peter Murchie