Emergency Preparedness Program

City of Bainbridge Island
Disaster Preparedness Program For the Business Community

The City of Bainbridge Island strives to be recognized as a leader in emergency preparedness in Washington State. Efforts are underway to make the entire community ready for a disaster – neighborhoods, businesses and government.

As part of that plan, the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce, together with the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association and the Bainbridge Island Rotary Club, created a process for island businesses to make a “Business Continuity Plan”.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 businesses that are forced to close because of a disaster will never reopen. Small businesses, which form the backbone of the United States’ economy, are particularly at risk. To that end, the following program provides the means to collect and store the information needed for a business to get back on its feet again.

The forms provided below will enable businesses to record all aspects of their business operation, from information about employees and model numbers for key pieces of equipment, to safe storage of data and pertinent financial information.

The Bainbridge Chamber and the Downtown Association will be conducting workshops to familiarize business owners with compiling and storing the information in these forms.

Open For Business – Forms & Documents

  1. Know Your Risks
  2. Know Your Operations
  3. Know Your Employees
  4. Know Your Key Customers, Contacts, Suppliers & Vendors
  5. Know Your Information Technology
  6. Know Your Finances

Download the full packet here!