Bainbridge Chamber Education Foundation

As an additional way to support our work for the island, the Bainbridge Chamber has launched an affiliated 501(c)(3) Foundation with a mission to advance the economy of Bainbridge Island through research, education, workforce and leadership development programs and initiatives intended to engage and enrich our entire community.

The Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation is fully approved by the IRS and State Dept of Revenue, and holds a current Washington business license with a Bainbridge Island endorsement.

From a practical perspective, the Chamber Foundation exists to strengthen and support the Chamber’s work for Bainbridge Island across a variety of our programs and services, such as:

  • The creation of an informative weekly Chamber newsletter for both business owners and community members
  • Website articles that help demystify the ways that local government work on the city, county and state level and boost civic engagement
  • Outreach efforts to unite parts of the Bainbridge community including both Chamber members and nonmembers.
  • Work with local schools, colleges, and employers to boost workforce opportunities for local youth and deepen connections between the educational and corporate worlds

The Education Foundation board is comprised of members of the Chamber executive officer team, who report back to the main Chamber board with updates as required and ensure that the two organizations work together for the benefit of Bainbridge.

Please consider supporting the Chamber’s work with a donation to the Education Foundation today:

As an accredited 501(c)(3) organization, all donations to the Bainbridge Chamber Education Foundation are eligible to be realized by the donor as tax deductible to the limits dictated by the IRS.

Learn more about the rules of making tax-deductible donations in this handy 2024 article from Nerdwallet: