Book The Chamber Window Pop-Up Space

With the Chamber’s 2022 renovation project complete, a new zero-cost pop-up space in the Chamber window is now available for booking in 1 or 2 week runs to all members WITHOUT their own location in Winslow (though we try to be always negotiable).

Promote your services, boost a campaign, let the Island know what you do – the space is ready and waiting for you now…

There are a few things to bear in mind about the Chamber Window Pop-Up Space:

  1. It is strictly available only to Chamber members (join the Chamber here)
  2. It is available at zero cost
  3. It is initially available in 1 week or 2 week bookings
  4. Pamphlets and promo materials will be able to be picked up Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.
  5. If, used for digital signage, the 43″ information display, will run from 5am to Midnight, 7 days a week.
  6. It is an area 6 feet wide x 6 feet long x 6 feet high
  7. It features a 43″ video monitor (without sound) and power outlet (with surge protection)
  8. A table for the display is provided, as can be a stand for posters, or racks for hand-outs
  9. It is lit with LED fixtures able to be dialed in your brand’s preferred colors (and can be run on any timed schedule)
  10. Customization of the space, and the window in front of it is very much encouraged – make it your own (within reason!)
  11. All bookings are dependent an agreement to leave the space as you found it, in good shape and ready for the next member

Please provide your own device to play video or images on the monitor via HDMI (laptop, Fire TV, blu-ray etc) as well as any additional table(s), chair(s), display(s) easel(s), etc. required.

Pop-Ups will be changed out on Monday mornings at 10am (unless Monday is a holiday, then it will slide back a day).


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