Chamber in Action: New Bus Stop Added at Coppertop Park

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Just before Christmas last year, Kitsap Transit received a written request from the Bainbridge Island Chamber to add a timed stop in front of Coppertop Park (Sportsman Club Rd & Business Park Lane). Following a review of trip data, they decided this would be a positive change and began working with the City of Bainbridge Island on permitting and installation of a stop. The stop opened on Monday March 4, and Kitsap Transit will be monitoring public feedback to the service change.

This timed stop removes barriers – downloading an app and getting a trip reservation – that may stop some from using BI Ride. Now the public doesn’t need to book a BI Ride reservation to get from Winslow to Coppertop, nor from Bloedel Reserve to the Ferry Terminal for that matter. At the listed stop times, hop on at a timed stop and ride to the next timed stop; let the driver know your destination and pay the fare.

On weekdays and Saturdays, there will be three timed-stop BI Ride trips from Winslow to Bloedel via Coppertop and three from Bloedel to the Ferry via Coppertop and Winslow. Trips to Bloedel from Coppertop and to Ferry from Winslow are only upon request. Because Bloedel is closed on Mondays, on those days the bus will not serve Bloedel. The schedule can be viewed here.

When BI Ride is not in service, Route 93-Manzanita travels along Sportsman Club Road. Route 93 makes five trips in the morning headed to the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal and five in the afternoon/evening leaving the Ferry Terminal.

Those needing to get from Coppertop Park back to the Ferry Terminal on Route 93 should stand at the new Coppertop bus stop about five minutes before the Island Church Park & Ride timepoint, board the bus, and ride all the way back to the terminal. (For trip planning purposes, please note it is not a direct trip: Route 93 will continue its route to Miler Road, Day Road, and Hidden Cove before traveling Highway 305 back to the terminal.)

The Coppertop Park timed stop is the latest example of progress Kitsap Transit can make in working with the community. Kitsap Transit appreciates the collaboration with the Bainbridge Island Chamber and its other partners to identify transportation needs and address them.

Click here to download & print the schedule

Getting to/from Coppertop Park with Kitsap Transit
Getting to/from Coppertop Park with Kitsap Transit
Kitsap Transit Bus Stop at Coppertop Park on Sportsman Club Rd
Kitsap Transit’s new bus stop at Coppertop Park on Sportsman Club Rd