COBI Moves Ahead with Direct Business Grants

At last Tuesday’s study session, Council members voted unanimously to consider an initial round of business grants to act as relief from the losses caused by COVID-19. A Council subcommittee is developing the details that will be discussed at the Feb. 23 Council meeting.

The original plan presented to the Council last week was as follows:

The plan as currently proposed will be based on the one being run in Bremerton, and:
1. Create a total fund of $200,000 in grants of up to $5000 for each Bainbridge business in the initial phase.
2. Focus on for-profit or non-profit storefront (customer walk-in) restaurants, retail, salon, and gyms in Winslow and neighborhood centers.
3. Business must show a minimum 25% overall decrease in revenue for Q2-Q4 2020 compared to the same quarters the business was operating in 2019.
4. All relief grants (e.g. EIDL and PPP) received must also be reported, and will offset that year-over-year loss.
5. Eligible Expenses that the grants can be spent on = Lease/rent paid or owed, utilities, expenses related to COVID accommodation.

Stefan Goldby, our new Chamber President/CEO, has already contacted the council members to have the Chamber be able to advocate for our members, so you can also send your thoughts via email to him.

Your comments, suggestions and feedback can also be provided directly to all council members via this link.