Meet Zach Burnham, Bainbridge Island’s Community Resource Officer

As part of our series of articles helping residents and business owners know more about the resources on our Island, the Chamber is delighted to introduce you to the Bainbridge Island Police Department’s, Community Resource/K-9 Officer, Zach Burnham.

Officer Burnham moved to Bainbridge Island from Roswell, GA in 2019 and his duties include:

  • Being the liaison between the Bainbridge Island Police Department and the community
  • Address general concerns the community may have
  • Coordinate the Community Police Academy
  • Provide safety talks with local business, schools, churches, groups/organizations
  • Event planning for community engagement activities with the Bainbridge Island Police Department

BIPD Officer Zach Burnham and K-9 Officer WhitneyK-9 Officer Whitney (a bloodhound) also acts as Officer Burnham’s own personal GPS – one that helps him seek out community members to speak about the roles of a police officer and the ways in which the BIPD is keeping the community safe. In partnership with Whitney, additional responsibilities include:

  • Search and Rescue missing persons
  • Visiting schools and businesses upon request

For our local community of business owners, Officer Burnham is available to come visit and provide individualized guidance on how to make your location as secure and security-conscious as possible.

“I am passionate about being a service to this country and so I could help continue to build the approach of community-oriented policing that every community deserves to have. I personally love starting from the ground up with children, teens, and adults to show the human side of officers behind the uniform.”
Officer Zach Burnham

“Zach was a natural fit for the position of Community Resource Officer. He is raising his family here, is active in the school community, and was already a familiar face to residents through his work as the K-9 officer.”
BIPD Chief Joe Clark

Business owners – come get guidance on best practices when it comes to securing your location, and understand what the Police can and cannot do in response to property crime on Bainbridge in a special Chamber workshop, coming Wednesday April 5th to the BIMA Auditorium at 9am. 

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