New Members

Work & Tumble Design Co.

Phone: 206-650-6766
Website: workntumble.com
Category: Graphic Design
Member Since: 10/28/2019


Island Sweat

Phone: 206-201-3638
Website: islandsweatbainbridge.com.com
Category: Health & Wellness
Member Since: 10/27/2019


Girls Rock Math

Phone: 206-408-8078
Website: girlsrockmathematics.com
Category: Education-Learning Specialists/Consulting
Member Since: 9/27/2019


The AV Team

Phone: 206-349-3130
Website: www.theavteam.johnlscott.com
Category: Real Estate – Residential
Member Since: 9/13/2019


The Tyler Moniz Project

Phone: 206-842-0611
Website: www.thetylermonizproject.org/
Category: Health & Wellness
Member Since: 8/27/2019


Proper Fish

Phone: 206-855-5051
Website: www.properfish.com
Category: Restaurant
Member Since: 8/23/2019


Bainbridge Kids Dentistry

Phone: 206-899-1737
Website: www.bainbridgekidsdentistry.com
Category: Dentistry
Member Since: 8/18/2019


Island Music Guild

Phone: 360-301-5637
Website: islandmusic.org
Category: Music Instruction/Education
Member Since: 7/31/2019


Ashley Creative, LLC

Phone: 206-909-5393
Website: www.ashleycreativedesign.com
Category: Web Design
Member Since: 7/24/2019


Raising Resilience

Phone: 650-303-2212
Website: www.raisingresilience.org
Category: Non-Profit
Member Since: 7/19/2019



Phone: 206-842-1769
Website: www.bithuys.com
Category: Restaurants
Member Since: 7/2/2019


Hodges & Guse, PLLC

Phone: 206-696-8728
Category: Legal Services
Member Since: 6/27/2019


The Walk Bainbridge

Phone: 206-866-0325
Website: www.TheWalkBainbridge.com
Category: Housing
Member Since: 6/27/2019


Bainbridge Island Lodging Assocation

Website: www.DestinationBainbridge.com
Category: Lodging
Member Since: 6/13/2019


Vintage Wine Bar @ Harbor Square Wine Shop

Phone: 206-780-1626
Website: www.harborsquarewineshop.com
Category: Wine Shop & Bar
Member Since: 6/7/2019


Sail Rumbera

Phone: 206-947-3266
Website: www.sailrumbera.com
Category: Sailing Charters
Member Since: 6/6/2019



Phone: 575-937-4849
Website: www.liveblis.com
Category: Housing/Apartments
Member Since: 6/5/2019



Phone: 206-842-0688
Website: www.heartstores.com
Category: Retail
Member Since: 6/3/2019


Island Time Activities

Phone: 206-842-5594
Website: www.islandtimeactivities.org
Category: Social Services
Member Since: 6/3/2019


Requisite Plaid Cabin

Phone: 805-890-2363
Category: Lodging/Bed & Breakfast
Member Since: 5/30/2019


fba Living

Phone: 206-228-5984
Website: www.fbaliving.com
Category: Consulting
Member Since: 5/29/2019


Urban Renaissance Group

Phone: 206-381-3344
Website: urbanrengroup.com
Category: Property Management
Member Since: 5/24/2019



Jerry’s Auto Rebuild – NEW OWNERS!

Phone: 206-842-4063
Website: www.jerrysautorebuild.com
Category: Automotive Repair
Member Since: 5/9/2019


Westsound Home & Garden

Phone: 360-876-7900
Website: www.wshg.net
Category: Publishing
Member Since: 5/8/2019


Ba Sa Restaurant

Website: www.basabainbridgeisland.com
Category: Restaurants
Member Since: 5/3/2019


Rediscoverd U

Phone: 360-994-0565
Website: www.kitsapmedspa.com
Category: Skin Care
Member Since: 4/26/2019


Attorney’s Title of Kitsap County

Phone: 206-451-8013
Website: www.atkitsap.com
Category: Real Estate Services
Member Since: 4/25/2019


Sabine, Naturally!

Phone: 425-894-7668
Website: www.sabinenaturally.com
Category: Personal Chef
Member Since: 4/19/2019


Psychic Intuitions

Phone: 206-673-0028
Category: Psychics
Member Since: 4/9/2019


Irene Cessor, Real Estate Broker

Phone: 360-471-8645
Website: www.irenec.johnlscott.com
Category: Real Estate – Residential
Member Since: 3/27/2019


Powell & Jones Craft Chocolate

Phone: 206-780-6958
Website: www.pjchocs.com
Category: Candy – Chocolates
Member Since: 3/27/2019


Bookish Media

Phone: 650-867-5173
Website: www.bookish.media
Category: Web Design
Member Since: 3/22/2019


Coquette Bake Shop

Phone: 206-922-8939
Website: www.coquettebakeshop.com/
Category: Cafe/Bakery
Member Since: 3/12/2019


Bainbridge Amateur Radio Club

Phone: 206-799-3311
Website: www.w7npc.org/
Category: Service Organizations
Member Since: 2/27/2019


Zap Marketing

Phone: 206-973-3676
Website: www.zap-marketing.com
Category: Advertising & Promotion
Member Since: 2/19/2019


Old Alcohol Plant

Phone: 360-390-4017
Website: www.oldalcoholplant.com
Category: Lodging
Member Since: 2/14/2019


Pegasus Coffee House (New Owners!)

Phone: 206-317-6914
Website: www.pegasusbainbridge.com
Category: Coffee House
Member Since: 2/5/2019


Alpine Start Consulting

Phone: 206-321-6862
Website: www.alpinestartconsulting.com
Category: Building Services
Member Since: 2/1/2019


Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club

Phone: 206-780-9374
Website: www.biscwa.org
Category: Recreation
Member Since: 1/28/2019


Magraw Zecha & Associates

Phone: 360-598-5844
Website: www.magrawzecha.com
Category: Cabinetry
Member Since: 1/17/2019


Carden Country School

Phone: 206-842-6510
Website: www.cardencountryschool.org
Category: Education
Member Since: 1/14/2019



Phone: 206-573-7414
Website: www.shiftbainbridge.com
Category: Clothing/Apparel
Member Since: 1/5/2019


Integrity Roofing & Construction

Phone: 360-434-7240
Website: www.integrityrc.com
Category: Construction
Member Since: 1/3/2019


East West Catering

Phone: 206-406-3401
Website: www.eastwestcatering.net
Category: Caterers
Member Since: 1/2/2019