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10-16-2020   Take Part in Our Upcoming Holiday Guide

10-14-2020   Chamber Seeking Part-Time Person for DOL

10-9-2020    New Opportunities in E-Commerce!

10-7-2020    New Updates to State COVID Guidelines

9-29-2020    What’s Next? We Need Your Input!

9-22-2020    Bainbridge Real Estate Market is Now On Fire!

9-18-2020    Council Slams the Brakes on New Self-Storage Facilities

9-8-2020      Best Practices Needed to Overcome COVID-19

9-1-2020      More Money Coming Our Way!

8-26-2020    Businesses on the Move

8-20-2020    Rent Relief, City Plastic Bag Ordinance Revived and More

8-17-2020     SOS – Save Our Stores & Businesses – How You Can Help

8-10-2020    SOS – Save Our Stores & Businesses – Please Share This New Campaign

7-31-2020    What’s Happening on Wyatt Way & Elsewhere

7-29-2020    Rex Oliver, Long-time Chamber President & CEO, Passes Away

7-24-2020    State Issues New COVID Restrictions

7-23-2020    Virtual Chamber After Hours Tonight at 5:30 PM

7-20-2020    The Ebb & Flow of Bainbridge Businesses

7-13-2020     Kitsap County Makes $888,000 Available for Rental Relief Grants

7-8-2020       Your Invitation to a Virtual Listening Session

7-3-2020       Emergency Alert to Businesses

6-30-2020    Wear This Tee This 4th & Next!

6-25-2020     Face Masks Mandatory Tomorrow!

6-23-2020     Breaking News – Mandatory Face Masks

6-19-2020     Should Face Masks Be Mandatory?

6-17-2020     Send Us Your Video Clips!