Vessel Licensing

Our DOL agent is on vacation until August 13, 2020.

For online registrations for-pickup done before 7-25-2020, please knock and one of our staff will get them for you.

If you need title transfers, disabled parking permits or other vehicle and vessel services, the nearest agency is JRO Licensing in Poulsbo, located next to the state driver’s license office on 8th Ave NE behind Kitsap Credit Union.

If your title documents were sent to our office, please ask JRO to request them from us and we will deliver them to JRO.

The Vehicle & Vessel Licensing Desk is closed on Mondays.
Click here for our hours.

Any vessel under 16 feet that is only sail or human powered is not required to be registered or titled.

How to Register & Title
Boats belonging to Washington residents are required to have valid Washington registration on their vessels prior to operation on Washington waters.

The state registration year is July 1 through June 30.

Non-residents may operate an out-of-state registered vessel, may remain on Washington waters from 61 days to six months (in any 12 month period) under a special permit. Speak with your local Washington License Agent about requirements and fees.

You may register at any county auditor’s office or a local vehicle licensing sub-agency.

Documents required depend on the purchase date of the vessel.

The signatures of all registered owners will be required to be notarized.

If your boat is homemade, or has been acquired by lease or gift, and the most recent purchase price is not known, you will be asked to complete a declaration of value.

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