Waste Reduction Ordinance 2023 Update

In November 2021, City Council adopted new regulations to reduce single-use plastic waste, effective January 1, 2023. These regulations are intended to reduce waste in our environment and litter in the ocean, protect public health, and reduce our dependence on plastic. For detailed information, please review Chapter 8.24 (Disposable Food Service Ware and Waste Reduction) of the Municipal Code.

As part of Ordinance No. 2021-34, COBI’s new regulations to reduce single-use waste effective on January 1, 2023 include:

  • a 25-cent fee for disposable cups is required
  • disposable plastic food service ware is prohibited
  • reusable food service ware is required for on-site dining
  • disposable food service ware is required to be home compostable*
  • expanded polystyrene-based food service ware (all plastics #6 and Styrofoam) for prepared food is prohibited
  • the distribution of single-use personal care products not packaged in “home compostable packaging” is prohibited in lodging establishments
  • the use of refillable dispensers for personal care products is encouraged in lodging establishment

*NOTE: All businesses have been granted a 3-month grace period to use up their existing supplies of non-home compostable food and beverage packaging for to-go orders (through March 31, 2023).

Bainbridge Island Exempted Single Use Service Ware Products

Updated list of products – The following products have been granted a temporary exemption through December 31, 2023, due to lack of availability:

  • Plastic to-go beverage container lids (hot and cold)
  • Bottled juice/beverage containers (made onsite)
  • Plastic rotisserie dome containers
  • Clear plastic lids for sandwich trays
  • Clear plastic sushi tray lids
  • Clear plastic salad containers
  • Film cling (like Saran Wrap)
  • Chocolate boxes and dividers
  • Clear plastic cups for cold beverages
  • Small paper pastry bags
  • Clear plastic confection bags
  • Plastic bags for transporting soups and other hot/wet foods and liquids (i.e., placing plastic bags around home compostable soup containers for transport)
  • Clear plastic lids for portion cups (please note that home compostable options are available if you do not need a clear lid)

For more information on Bainbridge’s Waste Reduction ordinance, head to COBI’s Climate Action homepage

Full details of Bainbridge Island Ordinance #2021-34: Reduce Plastic Waste From Food Service & Lodging Businesses

Business Owners: Please find below a full set of the COBI posters designed to help inform your customers and employees about the details of this ordinance, all of which are ready to print:

Bring Your Own Cup Waste Reduction Bainbridge Island 2023

Food retail Establishment Guidelines Poster Waste Reduction

Help reduce waste on Bainbridge Island

To-Go beverage containers poster - waste reduction 2023

onsite dining poster bainbridge island 2023

Reduce single-use plastics bainbridge island

to-go containers