Weather & Tides


Bainbridge Island has a mild, marine climate similar to San Francisco.

Summer temperatures average around 64 degrees Fahrenheit, while winter norms dip to 41.4 degrees.

The island experiences roughly 225 days of cloud cover annually and receives an average of 37.19 inches of rainfall a year.

For gardeners, the climate is similar to that of southern England, with a growing season lasting about 180 days.

Yearly Average Rainfall: 37.9

Yearly Average Snowfall: 10.9

Length of Growing Season: 180 days

Temperatures: 42.1-57.8
Average Rainfall: 7.57″
Average Snowfall: 0.8″
Temperatures: 46.0-60.1
Average Rainfall: 10.92″
Average Snowfall: 1.2″
Temperatures: 53.9-73.2
Average Rainfall: 3.4″
Average Snowfall: 0.0″
Temperatures: 36.2-46.6
Average Rainfall: 15.3″
Average Snowfall: 8.9″


Tides run on a cycle of approximately 6-7 hours. That is, it’s 6-7 hours between the highest point of a high tide and the lowest point of the next low tide.

There are usually two high tides and two low tides each day. Most of the time one high and low is more extreme than the other.

The extreme lowest tides of the year occur in summer, generally in mid-afternoon, and in winter mostly during the middle of the night.

Weather conditions such as high winds can cause high tides to be higher than predicted.